Real Hope for Addiction
Real Hope for Addiction

Isaiah House Treatment Center

Mission Statement: Isaiah House exists to provide comprehensive, evidence based treatment for individuals with substance use disorder by instilling hope through healing, opportunity, purpose, education, and employment for lifelong success.

Saving Lives & Restoring Families:

Alyssa McGuffey

“God has blessed me immensely in my sobriety. My relationship with my three beautiful children is restored. I’ve reclaimed my place in my family and my community. Not only am I a functioning member of society again, but I belong to a wonderful church.”

​”I will be forever grateful to the Lisa Walker Center for the life they gave me.
They made life worth living once again.”

Wes Doak

“With the help of Isaiah House, I started a personal relationship with God focused on building and strengthening that connection. In return, He has blessed me in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined. Let me tell you briefly how my life has been transformed with sobriety, through Christ, in just 5 short years.”

“Hey! My name is Wes and I just recently celebrated 5 years of continuous sobriety on September 11!”

Ryan Neff

“On May 26, 2019, I reluctantly walked in the front door at the Isaiah House. I was physically, psychologically, and spiritually broken. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but that was THE defining moment in my life up until that point. It would be the start of breaking the chains of active addiction, of learning to love myself, of reclaiming my life!”

​”The Isaiah House showed me a new way of living.”

Who We Are

Isaiah House Treatment Center is a non-profit treatment center in existence since 1999 with years of experience of helping people break free from the grip of addiction.

Our Services

Saving lives, restoring families and improving communities is our focus. Our treatment model is designed to provide a holistic and faith-based program that treats the whole person and their family.

Help Save Lives & Restore Families

Your support makes it possible to provide a comprehensive program including job training, education, employment opportunities, peer support, and accountability.

Impact of Isaiah House:

Baptisms & Salvations in 2022 & 2023
People Served in 2021
People Who Have Given Donations in 2023
Graduates Not in Active Addiction 180 Days Post Completion
Graduates Not Re-Offended Within One Year of Program Completion
Years Restoring Families and Saving Lives


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Accredited & Award Winning

Isaiah House is Kentucky AODE Certified
Best Rehab Facilities 2020 - Lexington