Real Hope for Addiction

Who We Are

Isaiah House Treatment Center is a non-profit treatment center with 21 years of experience of helping people break free from the grip of addiction.

Our Services

Saving lives, and restoring families is our focus. Our treatment model is designed to provide a holistic and faith-based program that treats the whole person and their family.

Support the Work

Your support makes it possible to provide a comprehensive program including job training, education, employment opportunities, peer support, and accountability.

Impact of Isaiah House:

Baptisms & Salvations in 2020
People Served in 2020
Graduates Not in Active Addiction 180 Days Post Completion
Graduates Not Re-Offended Within One Year of Program Completion
Years Restoring Families and Saving Lives

Saving Lives & Restoring Families:

Chelsey Stucker

“While I was at Isaiah House I developed a relationship with Christ, something I had never felt before. Things were starting to become clear to me that God was the one that saved me on the day I tried to commit suicide. There was no humanly way I should still be on this earth.”

​”God never forsakes us, and recovery is possible!!”

Tyler Rice

“I have my family back in my life, and I have to say, life is beautiful today, and I no longer feel empty and cold as cliche as it sounds. I never wanted help and wouldn’t have admitted it either way. I regret that it came to my mother getting the call I was in the hospital from an overdose and unresponsive last year.”

“​Ask for help before it’s too late. Today I am grateful, I am able, I am alive…”

Aaron Caldwell

“I’m here to tell you that there is Hope and an answer to your problems. The Lord Jesus Christ. What he has done for me and brought me through is a miracle. If you don’t think so just look at that picture. I was knocking on death’s door and wanted to die, but he brought me out of that mess and saved my life.

​”I’m happier now than I ever have been in my life.”

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