Why community involvement is important to addiction recovery

We are always searching for connection and belonging in the world around us. It is a natural desire to be part of something larger than ourselves; to be included and around others who understand and support us.   While active addiction might strip us of these meaningful connections, finding community is critical when it comes to addiction treatment and there are numerous ways to identify and build community during your recovery.   Building sober relationships Navigating any major life-altering situation…


How do I stay sober during the holidays?

The holiday season is considered a time to celebrate and gather with friends and family. For those who are in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, however, the stress, anxiety, and pressure of “the most wonderful time of the year” can put a strain on your sobriety. What do you do when that Christmas or New Year’s Eve party you were invited to has an open bar or someone offers you a drink? What happens when those visits with…

Christian Rehab

Churches play important role in Christian rehab

Successful recovery from substance use disorder cannot be accomplished alone. It takes support, compassion, understanding and love. While this support can come from peers, mentors, and experts trained to address the unique needs of addiction treatment, a relationship with God is another crucial factor in successful addiction recovery care. Faith-based recovery combines clinical treatment therapies…