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Scott Davis Testimonial

My Name is Scott. I am 37 years old and I am from Campbellsville, KY. I had a fairly good life growing up. I was raised in a good Christian home despite my parents divorcing when I was young. They set their differences aside to get along to be there for my sister and I

William Cotton Testimonial

My name is William Cotton. I am a 45 yrs old from Mt. Sterling, Ky. I was raised in church by my wonderful parents. They always provided a clean, wholesome, healthy and loving environment for my younger sisters and I. I had a love for baseball and played organized ball from 5 yrs. old through

Germaine Dunn Testimonial

Hi…My name is Germaine Dunn. I am 44 yrs old and I’m from Harrodsburg KY. I was raised in a single parent home and had a strong and loving Christian family. My grandmother, mom, uncles and all of my family were close and spent time in church. I was spoiled rotten, had an awesome childhood

Casey Reed Testimonial

My name is Casey Reed. I am 34 years young and have resided in London, KY most of my days. I enjoyed throwing the sickest parties, having the loudest truck, and having the baddest women around me shortly after the age of 18. I have seen many clubs, bars, dance floors, spring breaks, as well

We have OPEN BEDS for men with Kentucky Medicaid. Our Admissions team is standing by to answer your call.

Call 859-375-9200 or Submit an Admissions Inquiry

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