Women’s Admissions

“I love the Isaiah house. They helped me become sober and come closer to GOD. The staff are excellent,
and the classes are also good. I benefited from there in more than one way.”


“My life today is unrecognizable compared to any other time in the past 18 years of addiction. I have so
much gratitude for Isaiah House, to God, and the things he continues to help me with.”


“I would recommend Isaiah house to anyone who is struggling with addiction. I was once that struggling
addict that everyone had given up on. Without the Isaiah House I know I wouldn’t be alive today to live out
God’s purpose for my life!”

Heather W.

“I had never been more broken and lost in my entire life than when I walked through the doors at Lisa
Walker Center. The love and the presence of God is so strong in the staff at IH. They loved me back to life
and gave me tools to maintain my sobriety.”


“It truly saved my life! I completed 28 days residential treatment at Lisa Walker Center. I also completed
a 4-week intensive outpatient program at Isaiah House’s outpatient center, Real Hope Behavioral
Health. They provided me with the tools to live a sober and productive life.”


“I will be forever grateful to the Lisa Walker Center for the life they gave me. They made life worth
living once again. I didn’t think there was any way I could take my life back, but I did. For those of you
suffering with addiction, please take the step to get help. If I can do it, anyone can! Isaiah House not
only saved my life, but it helped save my soul!”


“As a healthcare professional, I have referred patients to Isaiah House and have been pleased with the
outcome. The attention to the whole person – body, mind and spirit is second to none.”