Job skills training and the obtaining of gainful employment is an important step in recovery. We guarantee full time employment after 100 days of treatment to our clients who are in our long-term recovery program.

This provides the opportunity to learn how to apply recovery skills to real life situations while continuing to receive all the professional clinical, peer support and case management services needed for ongoing recovery and application.

Our clients receive soft skills training to better their communication skills, work as a team, use creative thinking, problem solving, to be stronger leaders and fine tune their creative and critical thinking. In all, soft skills training helps our clients be the best employees.

Partner Businesses

Howards Metal Logo

Howard’s Metal Sales is a trusted source for quality metal roofing products for the residential, agricultural, and commercial trades.  Isaiah House purchased Howard’s Metal Sales in 2018 and currently employs clients and graduates from our program.

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Reliance Works Property Maintenance Logo

Reliance Works Property Maintenance makes your property safer, cleaner and more appealing by providing the best service, both interior and exterior, for all of your property needs and concerns.  Reliance Works Property Maintenance employs clients and graduates from our program.  Services include Tree Trimming, Atomized disinfectant spraying, Lawn Care, Floor stripping and waxing, Landscaping, Snow Removal, and Pressure Washing.

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If you as an employer/business owner are interested in partnering with Isaiah House in this important step of recovery contact Ed Early, Director of Workforce Development, and Jay Wathen using the contact form below.

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