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Justin Vandeventer Testimonial

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My name is Justin, I’m 27 years old and 11 of those years have been spent in active addiction. I was born and raised in London, Ky. I am an only child of the best parents you could ever ask for. My father is an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God, and my mother worked as a secretary and bookkeeper at the church. I never wanted for anything when I was young, we weren’t rich, but my father kept 2, sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet for the family. Growing up in church and attending a private Christian school in addition to being an only child led me through what you could call a very sheltered childhood.

I went to public high school in Laurel County. I was still attending church and by this point I was applying my singing ability and musical gifts in the youth group and had a relationship with God. After I graduated high school in 2008, I began to slowly compromise my church life. I fell out of the youth group. I had no plans for college, and before I knew it I was looking for something to fill that hole that was left inside me by looking for a group of people who accepted me. I started partying and smoking marijuana, I instantly loved it. I thought it made me more social and funny. My addiction progressed very rapidly. I was introduced to OxyContin, and I felt that little pill turned me into the person everyone couldn’t help but love.

OxyContin took from me everything I loved in life, vehicles, keepsakes, family heirlooms, relationships and anything I could barter and sell. It became MY LIFE. I tried going to suboxone clinics time and time again over the years to no avail. It was a temporary fix to a permanent problem. As my drug of choice became more and more expensive and harder to find I moved to mixing my suboxone with Methamphetamine. It was far more obtainable and much less expensive. I couldn’t understand how I had gotten to this point, it all seemed like a blur and I felt there was no way out.

I had tried treatment 3 times prior to the Isaiah House, I had been locked up and dried up time and time again, but I was missing the most important part, what I had fallen away from all those years ago as a young teenager. God.

I’m so thankful that I have a God who never gave up on me. I used to think recovery from this wasn’t possible. Now I come to work every day and share my experience, strength and hope with others going through the same thing. That hope we all have is in Jesus Christ

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