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Addiction is a life altering and life destroying illness. To stop and stay stopped, people with substance use disorder need comprehensive treatment, the opportunity to learn new life skills, and a commitment to stay sober no matter what.

Insurance pays only a fraction of the cost of treatment and rarely covers the additional supportive services needed to change lives for good. Your support funds job training, employment opportunities, vocational and college education, family support activities, pastoral care, client-driven community service projects, transportation to jobs, transitional or sober living housing, and other vital services.

Many donors find it easier to give over time through the ease of monthly giving. The reason why is because a donation of $25 a month, spread out over 12 months, amplifies your support into a yearly donation of $300! For the price of what most people spend on a week’s work of coffee, your donation will help make it possible for someone to maintain sobriety and a lifetime of recovery.

Isaiah House is always enhancing services to reach more families who are struggling and in need of hope. In fact, our mission to save lives has expanded. We will soon be offering maternity care and have plans to open a childcare center in the near future. In doing so, we will be healing families from the inside out – father, mother, and child. To do so, we need your support and advocacy now more than ever.

To donate, text GIVE to (859) 340-8836 or you can give by mailing your donation to 1090 Industry Road, Harrodsburg, KY 40330. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by texting HOPE to (859) 340-8836.