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My Name is Scott. I am 37 years old and I am from Campbellsville, KY. I had a fairly good life growing up. I was raised in a good Christian home despite my parents divorcing when I was young. They set their differences aside to get along to be there for my sister and I and they did the best they could. I never drank or used drugs till I got in my mid twenty’s. I was around friends that drank. Theyseemed to enjoy it, it looked fun and I wanted to fit in so I started drinking too. I was able to control it for a short period of time to just drinking on the weekends then it got to the point that the second I got off work, I was drinking before I got out of the parking lot.

Just a few years later I was introduced to pain pills. I was hooked the first time I took one. It made me feel so alive which was better than the effects of alcohol without the hangovers. From that point on, I used to live and lived to use. I couldn’t so much as get out of bed without getting my fix the second I opened my eyes. Eventually everything in my life that I use to enjoy was miserable without drugs. I would spend 90% of my pay check every week on drugs and try to survive on the other 10%. I lost countless jobs from using over and over again. I was eventually unable to afford rent anymore and had to move back home with my mother and my step dad.

I had completely shut my family out of my life even though I was living with them. I blamed it all on them, like I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was a Christian and had been for a few years. Despite all of the sin I was living in, I know that God was working on me. For a week I was unable to get high and was miserable. I didn’t want to live anymore and was ready to take my own life, but God had other plans for me. My family wanted to help me. I agreed and we found a faith based rehab in Jamestown, KY. I went there for 2 months. I got clean and got closer to God again. It felt so good to be sober. I was high on life and wanted to live that way the rest of my life. My family was proud of me again and they were glad to have their son back. One month after I got out, I relapsed. I had got a job and just got my first pay check. I was proud of myself and what I had accomplished. I remember saying, “I need to go celebrate and treat myself” so I went and bought pills.

The first problem was that I was prideful and self-centered. It wasn’t me that saved me, it was God. The second was all I really learned at that rehab was that I got clean and I liked it. I didn’t know how nor have the tools to live a productive sober life. I was back to using every second of every day and blowing everything I made all over again, but this time my addiction was worse. My family still thought I was clean and not using or so I thought-I think they knew deep down that I was, but didn’t want to believe it. I eventually ended up getting drug tested at my job. I just snuck to the time clock, clocked out and left. Basically I was still continuing to run from my problems like I always have. Which was something else I didn’t know how to deal with unless I was using. When my family found out what had happened, I was kicked out of their house. I was homeless, I had no money and no car. I called my family the next day wanting help and yet again, they were ready to help me out. My mother had been researching the Isaiah House. The very next day she was able to get me in. I was detoxing and mad at God, mom and all my family for sending me to a rehab that was long term.

The day of my intake I wouldn’t even hug or thank my mom before she left even with all that she had done for me. Even though I was wanting to get better it was still all about me. I wanted to work on my recovery for the perks and not for the right reasons. I stayed real busy and didn’t address my issues much. I just told others and myself what they wanted to hear. Basically I was trying to fake it ‘til I made it. I wasn’t willing to admit I was powerless and give it all to God. So close to 19 months of being sober, I relapsed yet again. I was not working to stay sober. I didn’t go to meetings, church or anything. I thought to myself, I got this! I tried to pull myself back together on my own but shortly after, I used again. Yet again, I ran from my problems instead of facing them.

When my addiction took off again this time it was far worse than it had ever been. I was using 4 times as much as before. I lost 40 lbs in 2 months and weighed 130 lbs. By this time I had started using a drug called Kratom. No place tested for it. To me I had found the perfect drug I could use it all the time and never get caught or fail a drug test. I somehow convinced myself that it was going to be different this time. So eventually I got a job and was able to start funding my addiction. I was broke 2 days after every payday again. My parents quit giving me money. It got to the point where people wouldn’t loan me money. So then I started going and visiting my family and stealing from them. I was living fix to fix. I never stopped to even think of what I was doing. I spent all my money on drugs again and wasn’t able to pay the rent at the motel I was staying at. I lost the room and was sitting on the front porch with everything I owned in freezing weather, no money, nowhere to go and hungry.

Yet again, God showed up. As much as my mom was done with me she told me she had been working with Isaiah House to get me back in. I was honestly happy that I could go there. I knew that I needed the help and that’s where God wanted me to be. At that point I knew that all the bad I had done in my past, all the people and family that I had hurt, God was still working through them to help me. The next morning I was at the Isaiah House. I was regretting having to go back, but I was ready. The second I walked in the door I felt such a relief come over me that I haven’t felt for a long time.

As of today, 11/6/17, I have been clean 9 months! I don’t take any credit for it today. It all goes to God! God has brought me a long way. This time here I have looked to God and everything Isaiah House has to offer to beat this addiction. God has opened so many doors for me since I have been here. He has closed several also. This time I don’t work on anything on my own because I know now I can’t do it on my own. Because of God and Isaiah House every relationship that I destroyed, God has and is restoring for me.

I am Scott and thanks to Jesus, I am forgiven!!

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