Transitional living provides our male and female clients support and accountability to help maintain sobriety as they adjust to life during and after treatment.


Participants in our residential programs are eligible to go to transitional living when they have gained employment and have saved up the money to manage the financial responsibility of living on their own.


Clients attend a 12-step meeting or a church meeting weekly, have employment, maintain sobriety, and pay aftercare fees when applicable. Regular check ins and reporting for random drug testing is required.

Isaiah House is NARR Certified

NARR (National Alliance for Recovery Residence) has established a national standard for recovery residences. Recovery residences or transitional living homes should be sober, safe, and healthy living environments that promote addiction recovery from AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs). NARR certification holds these residences to a high standard of code of ethics, quality, access, and choice. We have met these high standards to receive certification.

NARR Certified