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Tressia Bennett Testimony

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Hello, my name is Tressia Bennett. I am going to share my story with you all. I hope that sharing this part of my life will give someone hope. Through God and His grace, we don’t have to live that way anymore.

I am an addict and meth was my drug of choice. I have done a whole lot of wrongs to my family and friends.

I got married at 17 to my first husband and the father of my kids. We started with smoking pot just to be social then it was cocaine, pills and whatever else we could get our hands on. That marriage ended in divorce after 22 years. We remained friends, but one day, I found him dead and there was nothing I could do to save him. I had to tell our kids and his parents. He died from speed balling.

I felt guilt, but kept it to myself. I always blamed myself. The day of his funeral my son wrecked his four wheeler and had to have his spleen taken out. I blamed myself for that also.

I remarried a man who was good to me in every way except that we did drugs too. We were happy even though we were in the madness. After we were married about five years, my son was shot in the head. I literally about lost my mind. But as usual, I kept it to myself.

After my 2nd husband and I moved back to his hometown, I came home and he wanted some weed. I knew he wasn’t feeling good and I was going to stay home, but he told me to go get it so I did. I wasn’t gone 30 minutes and came in to find him dead. There was nothing I could do to save him. He also died from speed balling. My fix was meth to numb myself. I was married to him for 13 yrs.

When this happened I was totally lost and didn’t care what happened to me so I just kept doing the most I could do to lose touch with reality.

Then I found a man who showed me more love than I have ever known. We got married in 2017, but we were also using and getting in trouble with the law. He was given the choice of drug rehab or jail. He chose to go to rehab. Thank God he did because if he hadn’t, I would still be in the madness or dead.

He gave me the number to Isaiah House because he said that he had gotten saved and he knew I needed to get over my pain and guilt about the things I have been through. I called Isaiah House and went to the Lisa Walker Center.

They made me realize that I needed to get my guilt and anger out. While I am still going to counseling to give me the right perspective of my guilt, I learned that everything wasn’t my fault. If it wasn’t for God’s mercy and Grace, and my wonderful husband Josh I would probably be dead.

This story is about the worst and the best part of my life. I met my Lord again.

Please if you need help with addiction, seek help. There is hope. Isaiah House and Lisa Walker Center saved my life and helped me, but God made it all happen.

Thanks to my husband Josh whom I love more than life and God giving me a life through His mercy, I have hope and I am a new person inside and out.

I want to say that I have never been happier than I have been these last 6 months so if you want to have this hope, try Isaiah House or a rehab of your choice. God can give you your real life back with their help.

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