Main Isaiah House Campus

Patricia's Place

Isaiah House is located on eleven acres of beautiful countryside in south-central Kentucky. A serene setting is the backdrop for our main campus. Our 36,000 square foot facility houses 92 men in our newly remodeled dorms, an impressive game room, weight room, dining room, chapel, classrooms, and offices. You will quickly feel right at home in this friendly, encouraging, and understanding environment.

Right behind our main campus is Patricia’s Place. Formerly our women’s center, Patricia’s Place is a sixteen bed Medicaid facility for men. While enjoying the comforts of this elite, two-story home, you will receive the very best practices of substance abuse treatment. Laying a strong foundation for lifelong healing and growth is the goal for each client.

After completing our short-term residential program at Patricia’s Place, you will have the option of moving to the main campus for ongoing treatment, education, job skills training, employment and other services. For more information, please call our Admissions Department at 859-375-9200.